This program is a user-friendly hotel management system built to manage bookings, transaction history, and guest information that any staff or hotelier can use. This program also contains a database that allows users to add, update, or delete stored information.
The goal of this system is to provide reliability, performance, and security to properly manage hotel operations while also optimizing it for greater stability.  The following are the functional requirements: Admin login, user verification, secured database, and logout function.​​​​​​​
Database System
 Microsoft Access
 Microsoft ACE OLEDB

Development Tools
Adobe XD
Bunifu Framework
 POS Service
 Reservation Management
 Room Management
 Revenue Management

Login Interface


To access the program, login credentials are required and will be verified.
The reservation interface will provide staff members to check-in guests, room reservation management, and check-outs. There is also a POS system that will allow hoteliers to adjust prices of rooms and other hotel perks.

Guest Management

Room Management

Guest management keeps track of all residents that are currently checked-in. Each person's information is stored in the database and can be updated or removed.
Room Management keeps track of all rooms that are currently available. Admin users can add, update, or remove rooms stored in the database.
Database Connection
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